Hello there. This is Vladimir Kossma, administrator and owner of MUSIC SOUND ROCKS and BEST OF MUSIC SOUND ROCKS. 01/26/2016

VLADIMIR KOSSMA MUSIC SOUND ROCKS MEXICO SMALLFirst of all I´d like to thank all of musicians who have participated with us previously.


By now, we have published almost 200 interviews, which might not seem a lot, but believe us… it´s been a lot of work. Gathering all of information needed to publish and contact Musicians from all Over the World is something that needs it´s patience… but, we do have that patience.

This 2016 will be the same as last year… only that better. With more interviews, a bigger audience and of course… you!! WE NEED YOUR MUSIC TO KEEP THIS GOING ON.



This year we are selling some products for musicians… and our first product is – Proffesional Websites for Musicians – .

So, if you like our site and you are thinking about having one PROFFESIONAL SITE for your music… then I invite you to keep reading… 


My team and I created this site with everything you see on it…

And we can create yours for a low cost, REALLY AUTHENTIC and with a lot of additional and useful tools for musicians!! 
We thought a lot about what to offer to music makers… and based on their needs we came up with some services to keep them updated and well conected with their audiences.

This is why we have created this offer for musicians…



What´s included within this price? 



Any single visit that clicks within your site is automatically added as a new fan to your fanpage… really valuable for any musician.
You might want to know how it works… we can´t tell you that, however… all we can say is… 




Our package includes a domain and it could be the name of your band on it, example





– What is that? –

Did you ever see our little box where you could enter your email? That is MAILCHIMP. We will also install a “ up” box for your fans to type in their emails: With this tool you will be able to gather their addresses and send newsletters, the MAILCHIMP service is completely free until you pass their limit of 2,000 emails, in the meantime you can send thousands of Newsletters monthly without any charge.
This is how we configured our “pop up” box… you might have seen it here before:
*If you don´t know how to use this tool, then we will also teach you how to use it with no extra cost.


animations4.- ANIMATIONS.

We will include animations to any part of the site you choose.

Example: your logo.

We use some cool softwares that allow us to animate any part of the site we´d like, and this give us the oportunity to offer you this extra item so your site looks great!! For no additional charge, the best part is that you can decide which part you´d like to animate as well.
bestofmusicsoundrocks logo png web oprimizado

hosting5.- HOSTING.

We will include hosting for ONE YEAR.

You don´t need to worry about hosting since we will provide it for you, no extra cost… FOR ONE YEAR!! Basically what we are offering you is to leave all of the work to us and then get surprised with the results.

6.- Gallery of Themes that look really professional.

So you can choose one.

Look, one of the advantages of working with WordPress is that it is quite simple to use and also it offers a lot of designs. We will look for the design that better suits your music, you can see an example below:

4This is only an example of how your Music Site could look like, however we´d like to say that we can also completely customize yours following your instructions.

We will also come up with some ideas based on the type of music you play.

If you already have an idea about how you´d like your site… we can WORK IT OUT for you.

Let´s say you´d like to play a YOUTUBE video in the background… yes!!
Let´s say you´d like to add a BLOG… yes!! And we will show you how to upload entries.
Let´s say you´d like to incorporate (embed) your songs of SoundCloud or BandCamp… yes!!
Everything is possible!!

*Also, one of the most important things… Your site will be Friendly with Mobiles (this is called Responsive).

Terms and Agreements

All PayMents must be sent only via PAYPAL, $260 USD to the account, this includes the following within your site:

  2. DOMAIN FOR ONE YEAR, after the first year you need to renew the domain name (it costs about $15 USD and you do it directly at the DOMAIN SERVICE, we will give you the credentials).
  3. MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION READY TO USE, already configured and running within your site, we create the accounts and set it up for you.
  4. ANIMATIONS, we deliver the site completely running with the animations you choose, we also leave this software installed within your WordPress Dashboard so you can use it and modify the animations if you need to.
  5. HOSTING FOR ONE YEAR, after the first year you need to renew the hosting service (it costs about $50 USD per YEAR and you do it directly at the HOSTING SERVICE, we will give you the credentials).
  6. ONE WORDPRESS THEME or ONE DESIGN FROM SCRATCH based on your orders and needs. Once you choose a THEME or you send us your scratch we won´t offer you a second one, you must choose carefully since those MUSIC THEMES costs between $15 to $60 USD each, so unfortunately you can only choose once. If you are not sure about the design, then we suggest you to work it with us from SCRATCH.
  7. MOST OF THE WORDPRESS THEMES ARE RESPONSIVE, we will advice you and tell you which THEMES are RESPONSIVE for you to take that into consideration.



Vladimir Kossma:


Guadalajara City, México