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Hi, this is Vladimir Kossma again… Manager at and and I am happy to reach you out once again!!


THIS TIME I just wanted to let you all know I am preparing another article, this will be called World´s Projects that Rocks and it will be published on October 20th of 2015.


This article will include bands, solo artists and projects from all over the world that play , so if you are reading this article it might be because I sent you an email… I am gathering bands and projects from all over the world and this will turn out to be an amazing post.

You can see an example of what I am writing at the following link: 100 Expressions of music, this is an article that I wrote previously for my magazine and as you can notice it included plenty of bands and it also was shared a lot of times!!

100-artists-say-what-music-means-for-them-high-resDO YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF IT?

If you want to participate within this new article you should answer to my email with a link of Bandcamp that I can include within the post.

You also need to write a description of 160 characters about your project… no more, just like a TWEET, try to be original since a lot of people will read it & write something cool!!

My email address is bellow, just reply me:

*If you know another rock band please send them this link so they can also participate…

All of the  descriptions and Bandcamp links will be included within the article… something quite similar as I did within the article “100 Expressions of music“. The best part of it is that the article will contain a lot of bands or music projects organized by country!!

I calculate that I will publish about 100 different bands, solo artists and projects…

So believe me… It will have a lot of visitors and it will be shared plenty of times on Facebook and Twitter. I am accepting only one song, however keep reading if you´d like to have two songs published.


If you donate to my PayPal´s account then you can add any o the following to the post I am writing:

  • A YouTube video. Let the audience not only hear you but also see your videoclip.
  • A picture of you or your band. Why not?
  • Include more than just 160 characters. You can add the lyrics of any song, a longer description, any link or whatever you´d like, even a poem…
  • Include another Bandcamp link. Regular participants will only have one song, but if you donate you can send two.

This is my PayPal´s account, ANY donation is okay!!

*Please, make sure the name of you project is within the PayPal´s payment so I can easily identify you.


We have worked a lot within this project and we understand being a musician is not always so easy, so my team and I have the following PROFESSIONAL SERVICES for MUSICIANS…

  1. REVIEWS FOR MUSICIANS: We can get you plenty of reviews from other MusicSites or Magazines… Take a look
  2. FACEBOOK FANS or TWITTER FOLLOWERS: for $15USD we can send you 1,000 new FANS or FOLLOWERS for your band or music project.
  3. EMAIL MARKETING WEBINAR: for $30 USD I will show you how to send Emails like a pro and get published by plenty of sites.ART-WEBINAR-21JUL15
  4. PROFFESIONAL WEBS FOR MUSICIANS: Do you like how and look like?? We can create your band´s WEB PAGE for $200 USD, it will include the same desing, one year´s hosting and one year´s domain with your band name or music project on it… example

*If you buy any of this proffesional services for musicians then you must send the payment to PayPal´s account:

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