Preparing 100 Expressions of music, a -must read- article for participants

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Hello Guys, this is Vladimir Kossma writing…

I just wanted to let you all know about the coming article I am preparing for, it will contain comments and thoughts about what music is, therefore it will be called:

“100 Expressions of Music”

So these are the instructions for you to participate:

  1. Send your opinion about “What music is”… It must be short (No more than 160 characters) and it should be written in behalf of all your band members. Try to answer to this as more interesting as you can, remember readers should be amazed…

  2. Add your name at the end of the Opinion. Just write the name of your music project as you´d like to appear next to your opinion.

  3. Add a link to your music at BandCamp (code for wordpress). This should be an embed code (I am sorry to ask it like this, but this is a large project and I should save time to write it and edit it). Therefore I will need you to copy the embed code of the track that will be under your Opinion and Name. I will only accept the smallest player embedding code FOR WORDPRESS, this means you must chose the code that links to the smallest player. An example of the code is next: [bandcap width=100% height=42 album=286167964 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=06875] However once I copy and paste it here at the blog you see this: 

So, when you are copying the code make sure you see this (click to enlarge):

100 expressions of music


I am adding an example of how your answer could be:

“I believe music is whatever makes people happy while listening to sounds and thinking”

– Ramiro Blanco

*Remember, this embeded code looks like this when I receive your answer: [bandcap width=100% height=42 album=286167964 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

So guys, you can take this as an opportunity for you and your music to be shown to the world. I estimate once the article is published it will receive more than 20,000 visits within the next 24 hours and more than 100,000 visits the next week once is published.

Try to answer it in a way that calls the attention of the reader because your answer will be placed next to other 99 answers… and other 99 links of music.

This article will contain answers from all around the world, musicians from Japan, England, Spain, , , Canada, U.S., Latin America, and way more places.

This special post will be published on August 1rst of 2015, so if you send your answer and everything is okay (don´t forget to send the appropiate WORDPRESS small embeding code of your track) it must be on it.

Well, it´s a pleasure to say hi to all of you, I hope you all continue with your music and visit this site constantly, I send you the best from Guadalajara, México, take care!!

– Vladimir KossmaIMG_0015


I will be uploading pictures next to the answers of musicians and artists who donate to and also to the Gallery… (see example below):727a6fbcda0ce3df67d8258401c7332b

So, if you´d like to have your picture included next to your answer and the Gallery just send $2 USD to the PayPal account: and include a note within your email (with the answer, name and Bandcamp link) letting me know about your donation.

**Also… send the picture you´d like to have published.







  1. Music can be fused into many forms and grafted onto other mediums Music is the putty of Artists.One of the crowns of human kind, full of bright sparkling gems .Music is important and music is whatever you need it to be !Music flows alongside and within our lives and may it lead us to a better understanding of each other.

    On Air by Trancemitter

  2. Music is a way of life,universal language,music is passion.
    Music can be described as a living person,a best firend,motivating us and giving us courage to learn and explore more and falling more in love with it.

    – Daniel De Roma – Founder&C.E.O. – Secret Jams Recs/Booking

    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 track=2808945691 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

  3. Music is Joy, Grace, Pain and Sorrow. The right song will have you feeling like your on top of the world, when others just you make it through tough times! MUSIC IS EMOTION!!!

    N-House Production
    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3537721410 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=3528334956]

  4. “Music is the only thing that gets your mind off everything else”
    – SKNAIL

    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2053049115 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=1926712219]

  5. Music is the only thing that can hit you so hard yet not inflict pain…

    – Harry Up! (

    [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1891452292 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

  6. Music is the fundamental distinction between psychological dogma and somatic shift. In other words, it is as important as living and breathing. Foci, the plural of focus, ties us all together in these principles.

  7. Music is complete freedom of artistic expression. It is the purest form of entertainment.

    – Charlie Munro

    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=1103281958 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

  8. Music is art through sound, whether it be purposeful or natural. It can come through anything from an orchestra to raindrops on an abandoned air conditioner.

    -Meet the Squidables

    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=736373820 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

  9. Music works on a lower level than the one we are used to think during our day to day. That’s why it is so important to so many people, it gives them a break. It can make you want to dance, scream, sing, cry, etc; and you wouldn’t even know why. Music is a language without words, it’s a language of emotions, of feelings.

  10. Music is no game-experience: fuck the rules, the ideals and the establishment, fuck the pseudo-independant establishment most of all.
    [bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=862488591 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff tracklist=false artwork=small]

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