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Eagles of Death

Eagles of Death Metal cancela su gira por Europa

La banda californiana ofrecía un show en el Bataclan, donde se llevó a cabo uno de los atentados a la Ciudad de Paris el pasado viernes.

Ante este hecho, el grupo musical Eagles of Death Metal tomó la decisión de cancelar su gira por el continente europeo, esta información se supo gracias al encargado de sus conciertos en Alemania. Entre los conciertos cancelados en Europa destacan los del 8 de diciembre en la sala Apolo ubicada en Barcelona y el 9 de diciembre en el Joy Eslava de Madrid.

A través de su página en la red social Facebook, el día viernes, la agrupación señalaba que estaban investigando si todos los miembros de la banda y del equipo se encontraban a salvo.

Eagles of Death Metal visitaría en diciembre países como: Suecia, Polonia, Hungría, Austria, Italia o Francia.

Su canal oficial en YouTube es:

Temisan Godwin Adoki 4

Temisan Godwin Adoki

Well, the project, and mainly my beginnings as a solo artist actually began in 1997 when I was just 13 years old. I’ve always been into music and active in music from a young age. I grew up playing the piano when I was in grade school, then moved from that to playing the flute, then the guitar, then around 1995/1996 or so I was put onto electronic music…mainly house and techno. This was around the time the movie “Hackers” came out which was one of my proper introductions to that sound that was gaining some sort of mainstream traction around then. The first time I was introduced to house was back in 1990 though with the song “Spin That Wheel” by Hi Tek 3 and Ya Kid K that appeared in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action film. My dad actually bought me the soundtrack on cassette and I still have it. I would listen to that song and dance until I couldn’t anymore. But going back to 1997, this was when I was getting into electronic music heavily. If it wasn’t for the video game “Wipeout 2097” that was released on the original playstation and MTV’s “Amp”, I probably wouldn’t be here today in 2015 as a musician/producer. From those I discovered The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Underworld, Keoki, Josh Wink, Two Lone Swordsmen, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Photek, Goldie, Squarepusher…and from there people like Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin (plastikman) and a slew of other talented DJs and Producers who I still hold as major influences in my work to this day. This was around the time of the second wave of the rave era too. Being a teen in the mid to late 90s I had a bit of exposure to that whole rave subculture from skateboarding, hip-hop, and generally hanging around those circles. And eventually I started going to raves and house parties soon afterwards. So after listening to those artists and buying their CD’s I attempted to make my own music. The first attempts at… Keep Reading

Speak Storm 1

Speak Storms

I love all genres of music, so I have a few different projects with varying sounds. Speak Storms is my solo project, The Spillers is my band, and Cerebral Bloom is my hip-hop stuff. All of my projects, as well as some friends of mine, are released under Black Lungs Music. Black Lungs is a collective I started in 2014 to bring more art to one place. What song of yours is the one you like the most? “Graveyard Ball” by Speak Storms Lyrics: “Sugar skull up on the wall Sugar won’t you tell me all of everything Margot Clementine you’re mine Take my arm; we’ll walk the line At the lovely graveyard ball With all of my dead friends, they stand tall” How do you write your music? I write music by catching that inspiration when it’s in the air. Any moment can give you ideas. I try to make music that is new and unusual; something important. What is music? Music is an international languange. The world can speak through chords and connect instinctually. What influences do you have? My main influnces in music are definitely Bright Eyes and King Krule, but also a lot of Orchid Tapes stuff. What´s the best experience you have had with your project? I can’t name one special experience, but I always love when people approach me about my tunes, because even just that one person who found something in this makes it all worthwhile. What plans do you have this year? In 2016, I plan to take my time on what I release. I also would love to reach out to more fans and find others who are interested in what I do. Mention something you don´t like about your project. The thing is dislike most about my project, is that it’s mostly just me. I’d love to get help from others with a similar vision as myself. Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project. The biggest sacrifice I’ve made is probably time. I’ve spent countless days in my room playing guitar, or recording songs that never left my… Keep Reading

Trompeloeil 4

Trompe L’Oeil

Once upon a time some Artists decided to create a Hip-Hop project for non-Hip-Hop listeners. They thought of a Global Concept, and then each of them starting bring their idea in their Expertise (Words, Music or Graphics) to build what would become TROMPE L’OEIL. We came to build an album that would be divided in 3 parts, each of them being released at specific dates in 2013. That allowed us also to evolve a lot on the sound on the 3 mini albums to fit even better with the lyrical contents. What song of yours is the one you like the most?   That would change depending on the mood, but we would pick for now “Procureurs Du Diable”. This is probably the most trip-hop”esque” song we did, with very dark and relaxing atmosphere. You can listen to the song on our Bandcamp page here: How do you write your music? The music comes first from the Concept of the Album or the Song. We define what would be the main idea and then create the lyrics and music. Regarding the music itself, we really wanted to bring some hip-hop flow to the songs but with a very detailed/rock based composition. The usual Rap instrumentals are very poor, and we wanted to please us and the listeners with music and lyrics as High as possible. What is music? Music is for the creator the way to become immortal. Music is for the listener the way to reach unknown universes. What influences do you have? A mix of alternative and independent music in many styles. If we go to other rap bands we appreciate, we would mention Dälek, Assassin or Kabal. What´s the best experience you have had with your project? Creating, sharing, arguing between each band members for the sake of a Song. What plans do you have this year? We all have had our projects outside of TROMPE L’OEIL. Some of us released a book, some of us released other music with different bands (see the page Coming back to TROMPE L’OEIL, we may prepare some new things… Keep Reading

Three Way Plane 1

Three Way Plane

It was 2003 when me (Stratos), John and our previous drummer “dio” met at the Athens airport, returning from 3 different destinations (New York, Jamaica & Johannesburg) and while drinking coffee and discussing about music & surrealism in the 20th century, we decided to form a band with this name! What song of yours is the one you like the most? Maybe “Fall in Love with Fire” ’cause it’s the first song we ever recorded with Geo on drums and it’s always fun to play.  How do you write your music? Usually songs come from Stratos’ riffs or John’s bass-line but more often music comes from jamming & improvisation…so we even have songs that started from the rhythm of the drums.  What influences do you have? Too many to name and from different kinds of music.. From punk rock to jazz and from dub to post-rock  What´s the best experience you have had with your project? Hmm I believe the anniversary gig for our 10 years as a band in 2014 at Zero (an underground club in Athens we loved to play and doesn’t exist anymore)  What plans do you have this year? Having gigs as often as possible and releasing our next album in 2016, hopefully only on vinyl and bandcamp. We are not interested in cds anymore! We’re almost done with the mixes and we are working on ideas for the front cover. The single with “A Waltz of Unity & Love” and “New Destination” is already out on 7 inch vinyl from B-Otherside Records.  Mention something you don´t like about your project Living in Greece and making music here.  Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project. We sacrifice our money all the time…  What band, music project or solist from your city do you like? Why? The Screaming Fly! They are a great band, a power-trio like us, playing since 1992 with the same energy and passion. Not only they are good friends, but we also love and admire their music.  If your project was a word, what would it be? Psychotherapy  What´s your full… Keep Reading

Dromia 3


Dromia inició en el año 2013. Tras la disolución de mi última banda de rock, Los Lygers. Me mantuve como único integrante y productor hasta este año cuando comencé a trabajar con el productor y visualista Emiliano Bellomo que se encarga de las proyecciones. ¿Cuál es su canción favorita? Entre muchas canciones y otros proyectos en proceso, Praliné resulto ser la más significativa ya que abrió muchas puertas e ideas sobre cómo producir y hacer música en vivo. Me permite controlar todo lo que sucede y desplegar mucho conocimiento, además de márgenes de improvisación en cada show, lo que me da la libertad que necesito y salir del show ‘programado’. Me permite jugar con los sonidos y los ritmos y eso me inspira. Le da un toque de humanidad a la música, que es lo que busco en la electrónica. LETRA Bajo los pies la tierra es nuestra, Hagamos un lugar para la vida. Somos cada célula, cada elemento. Suponer no es real. Abrir camino a la libertad, en la eternidad esta la conciliación. Todo es este momento, la verdad es nuestro corazón. Cada ser está implícito en la vida, hijos de la tierra, dan gracias a el agua y el sol. Amar es nuestro refugio, Mover es la liberación. ¿Cómo componen su música? Trabajo en mi estudio, en casa. Suelo comenzar componiendo ritmos y bajos que me resuelven rápidamente el resto. Otras veces compongo las estructuras desde una guitarra o teclado y cuando siento que tengo algo empiezo a desarrollar. Al inicio me concentro en que todo fluya y la música baje a tierra. No me detengo en los detalles sino que me dejo ir con la esencia hasta terminar ese proceso. Después trabajo el resto y como lo ejecuto en vivo. ¿Cuáles son sus influencias? Muchas, pero las más significativas Gustavo Cerati, Thom Yorke, Nicolas Jaar, Arca, James Holden, John Hopkins, Apparat, Robert Del Naja, Björk, Brian Eno, Caribou. Creo que a ellos les debo mi estadía en la música electrónica y fueron los que más me inspiraron a hacer está música. También me mostraron que era posible,… Keep Reading

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