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    Music has always been a big part of my life. The fascination of good melodies and how they can affect… Keep Reading

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    Kopf hoch

    When we met, I guess we only had one thing in common: We all were always looking for the most… Keep Reading

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Eagles of Death

Eagles of Death Metal cancela su gira por Europa

La banda californiana ofrecía un show en el Bataclan, donde se llevó a cabo uno de los atentados a la Ciudad de Paris el pasado viernes.

Ante este hecho, el grupo musical Eagles of Death Metal tomó la decisión de cancelar su gira por el continente europeo, esta información se supo gracias al encargado de sus conciertos en Alemania. Entre los conciertos cancelados en Europa destacan los del 8 de diciembre en la sala Apolo ubicada en Barcelona y el 9 de diciembre en el Joy Eslava de Madrid.

A través de su página en la red social Facebook, el día viernes, la agrupación señalaba que estaban investigando si todos los miembros de la banda y del equipo se encontraban a salvo.

Eagles of Death Metal visitaría en diciembre países como: Suecia, Polonia, Hungría, Austria, Italia o Francia.

Su canal oficial en YouTube es:

jerkernilsson74 - 3


Music has always been a big part of my life. The fascination of good melodies and how they can affect moods etc drives me forward. The music I create today is not a part of a ”project” yet. I’m taking tunes from inside my head and try to put them on tape instead of hiding them in my drawers. Some parts are good and can be used to write songs – Some parts are just bad. What song of yours is the one you like the most? Like trying to say which one of your kids you like the best is of course impossible. But I really like a song I wrote for my firstborn child. Just Because -> Lyrics: I wish I could have told you That you´re the reason why I get up in the morning Just to see your smile That is why I wrote this song for you – Just because I love you more than you know When you stand there smiling Whispering to me The smallest words for you now Are the biggest ones for me How do you write your music? In my profession I travel a lot so I try to make the best out of every situation so therefore I record all demos in different hotel rooms which you of course also can hear effecting the quality. Normally I have an idea or story that I want to capture and then I set the framework in Garageband. Nothing complicated. What is music? Music is great thing going in through your ears and body, creating magic. What influences do you have? I listen to all kinds of music, my passion is good and simple melodies. I love everything from The Beatles to Mötley Crüe. What´s the best experience you have had with your project? Best experience is probably getting feedback from friends and folks that listened to the songs and have comments to them. I don´t care much if you think it´s bad, I put them down to get them out of my head. What plans do you have this year? The… Keep Reading

Celtique 1


El proyecto lo inicié en 1999. Para ese entonces yo tenía solo 12 años y crecía en mí la simple pregunta cada vez que escuchaba una canción que me gustaba: ¿cómo la hicieron? Fue asi cuando gracias a un familiar pude adquirir un juego/programa llamado Music2000 para la consola de videojuegos PlayStation el cual fue mi plataforma durante 5 años. 5 años de experimentos donde definí mi estilo musical con baterías trip-hop y melodías de piano. En esa época (de 1999 a 2004) fuimos integrantes de mi proyecto mi hermano Cesar Augusto Rosado (cTusto) y yo. Él con el conocimiento más teórico de la música y yo con los dotes empíricos. ¿Cuál es su canción favorita? Mi canción favorita, en definitiva, es “Immerse” de mi álbum comercial “Someone Else’s Heart”. Es mi favorita porque soy yo en mi momento más noble y sencillo. Una canción simple, armoniosa perfecta para escuchar en todo momento… ¿Cómo componen su música? Mi música es principalmente escrita en mi mente y proyectada en FL Studio. Desde Enero de 2004 migré de las limitaciones del PlayStation a un software de PC completo. La fascinación del cambio en la calidad del sonido y posibilidades de creación fue lo que me orilló a tomar enserio mi proyecto. Desde ese entonces, es una rutina para mi todos los días por la noche plasmar mis pensamientos en una computadora y poco a poco ir buscando el sonido idóneo para cada cuerda, cada beat, batería, bajo, acústicos… todo para imprimir mi estado de ánimo y vida cotidiana en instrumentos electrónicos, haciendo música.  ¿Cuáles son sus influencias? Mis influencias, principalmente, son Delerium y Robert Miles. Ellos me mostraron un mundo donde la música electrónica no es un simple acorde con un riff progresivo y una beat de cuatro tiempos.  Mencionen la mejor experiencia que han tenido con su proyecto. Definitivamente mi mejor experiencia como Celtique sucedió en el transcurso en que produje mi álbum “Matryoshka”. En 2011, al volver de escuchar por primera vez a mi hijo, aun sin nacer, dentro de mi esposa, supe que tenía que contar esa historia. La… Keep Reading

Axel Roley 1
United States

Axel Roley

When I was in college (Western Kentucky University), I would meet up with my friends and all we ever talk about all kinds of shit, mainly music because we listen to music every day. My friends would always tell me that they want to hear me do a beat tape because I will always be on my laptop making them while we were outside with everybody. So one time when I got out of class, I went to my homie’s girlfriend’s apartment where we all mainly hangout at. Our routine foreal was we get high, joke on anybody for atleast an hour, then do music. So while we was getting high, I had my laptop out, pulled up FL Studio software, and made my first beat tape “199$.” On the spot in front of everybody in the apartment. What song of yours is the one you like the most? The song that I really like was “a stoned melody” because I really enjoyed making that beat. I remembered I got really stoned, and just listened to David T. Walker’s “I Got Work To Do” on vinyl, I took parts of the song and looped it, chopped up a couple parts and dropped it on my beat tape “Rolling Zig-Zags: The Sequel”. How do you write your music? I would make my music off of FL Studio software, and I’m currently still learning Abelton Live 9. But I always stick with FL Studio because it’s that one software that do pretty much everything to me. And I would connect my beat pads to FL and make anything that I like. What influences do you have? 3 days after I dropped my beat tape, “tha art of soul. [act.I.]”, I was with my family and we took a trip to New Orleans. Soon as we all touched down, I walked to the nearest record store from where we all stayed at, and there was non-stop music that filled downtown New Orleans. Bands were pretty much on every corner, it was like an all day parade there. Then I went to see my… Keep Reading

Kopf hoch 3

Kopf hoch

When we met, I guess we only had one thing in common: We all were always looking for the most intensive way to make music. But in general it´s kind of the most common boring story. We were all part of the punk-movement und played instruments in our childhoods as well, so it seemed natural to make music on our own. We made our first experiences in local bands and with tiny local concerts and entirely fell in love with the power that music has. But we felt that punk –  we did screamo and punk the most of our past – was limiting, was restricting our expressions and we explored  other kinds of music, we experimented with and actually do it as well. But our story shouldn´t matter, our music is what you should look at! What song of yours is the one you like the most? Kaleidoskop is the song we like most, but the song is best, when the album is listened to in a whole. How do you write your music? Actually we really don´t know how we write that stuff, how those songs happen. But in the beginning there is a thought we all share, a picture in mind like a city or ideas like that. We´re always discovering some tunes at home and let it collide in a jam while rehearsing. And we´re recording that stuff on a tiny mp3-recorder. Most of all the moments, when everyone just does, what is needed, you know, does what the music wants you to do, this is what we think is best. Later we pick that up and create a structure. So we´re paraphrasing that and arguing meanings and stories everyone of us has. We repeat that again and again und stop, when we feel everything is said. What is music? We think music can be a medium to transmit art, and unlike paintings, sculptures or performances of  fine arts it unfolds directly. You hear a song and you got a inner picture immediately. This is what separates music most from other ways to transmit information. Maybe… Keep Reading

Bandshes 1
United States


Athena: Bandshes was sort of born out of happenstance. Zoe always tells the story best! Zoe: The band slowly grew and came together during and right after high school. We’d been friends since our freshman year, and all did music in different ways independently (I wrote and performed songs at open mics, Athena was a music major, and Emily was a musical theater major who also took violin lessons outside of school — for context, we went to a high school for the arts!). Then, sophomore year of high school, Athena and I decided to work on a song together. It’s funny because that song — Show Me the Moon– is now our second most popular song on Spotify and we wrote it when we were fifteen. From there, the two of us started working on music together and ended up doing our Senior Capstone project together, where we wrote and performed songs about different societal issues. Then the summer after our senior year of high school, we were asked to perform as openers for another great local artist, Kate Callahan. Emily was over during rehearsal and singing along, and a family friend suggested that she sing harmonies with us for the show. From there, Bandshes was born. We decided to perform and record for fun. We recorded “Demo (rough)” (released Aug. 2013) and “Beautiful World” (released March 2014) in the living room of a family friend, using a single microphone and one-shot takes of each song. It wasn’t very professional, and the performances themselves are live and imperfect, but at the time, we had the intention only to put the music online to be listened to family and friends. Then, last summer, one of our songs was found on Bandcamp and we licensed it to be in a low-budget film for a Canadian film festival. The film ended up being bought by Universal Studios, renamed “Unfriended,” and played around the world. The song, “Lost Cities” was heard by more people than we ever imagined would happen. What started as a fun project of friends is now becoming more serious:… Keep Reading

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