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Matthew William Charles

I had been playing music in bands ever since I was 15 years old.  I started setting up my own shows, booking touring bands and local acts when I was 16-17 growing up in Cortland, NY. I started going on small regional tours when I was 18, and after moving to Richmond, VA when I was 22 I started playing in bands that were touring nationally.  I had always been the vocal point of every musical project I was involved in.  I was always one of the main songwriters and was always the one who did most of the booking, networking etc.  The last band I was in while I was living in Richmond completed two US tours, with many smaller tours in between.  We had a couple of opportunity’s to tour Europe, release on indie labels and other various exciting opportunity’s but there was always a problem with having everybody in the band fully committed.  Any musician that is passionate about music can relate.  After my last band parted ways in Richmond, VA I took off several months to backpack across Europe with my partner and when I returned to the states we promptly moved to Philadelphia, PA.  After about 6 months of living in Philadelphia I started looking for people to play with, but I never had the same expectations as I had before.  I just wanted to play music and have fun, and I was willing to be in a band that wasn’t necessarily ready to tour all the time and just write some songs and play out occasionally.  I accomplished this, but eventually I did start to miss touring.  I missed the adventure of it, meeting new people and playing in new places.  I decided I would try and play solo. I had never done it before, but my thought process was that if I could pull it off, if it was good enough then I could be able to do all the things I wanted to with music without dealing with conflicting interests and schedules that you have in a band. In 2012 I recorded… Keep Reading

Axel Roley 1
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Axel Roley

When I was in college (Western Kentucky University), I would meet up with my friends and all we ever talk about all kinds of shit, mainly music because we listen to music every day. My friends would always tell me that they want to hear me do a beat tape because I will always be on my laptop making them while we were outside with everybody. So one time when I got out of class, I went to my homie’s girlfriend’s apartment where we all mainly hangout at. Our routine foreal was we get high, joke on anybody for atleast an hour, then do music. So while we was getting high, I had my laptop out, pulled up FL Studio software, and made my first beat tape “199$.” On the spot in front of everybody in the apartment. What song of yours is the one you like the most? The song that I really like was “a stoned melody” because I really enjoyed making that beat. I remembered I got really stoned, and just listened to David T. Walker’s “I Got Work To Do” on vinyl, I took parts of the song and looped it, chopped up a couple parts and dropped it on my beat tape “Rolling Zig-Zags: The Sequel”. How do you write your music? I would make my music off of FL Studio software, and I’m currently still learning Abelton Live 9. But I always stick with FL Studio because it’s that one software that do pretty much everything to me. And I would connect my beat pads to FL and make anything that I like. What influences do you have? 3 days after I dropped my beat tape, “tha art of soul. [act.I.]”, I was with my family and we took a trip to New Orleans. Soon as we all touched down, I walked to the nearest record store from where we all stayed at, and there was non-stop music that filled downtown New Orleans. Bands were pretty much on every corner, it was like an all day parade there. Then I went to see my… Keep Reading

Bandshes 1
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Athena: Bandshes was sort of born out of happenstance. Zoe always tells the story best! Zoe: The band slowly grew and came together during and right after high school. We’d been friends since our freshman year, and all did music in different ways independently (I wrote and performed songs at open mics, Athena was a music major, and Emily was a musical theater major who also took violin lessons outside of school — for context, we went to a high school for the arts!). Then, sophomore year of high school, Athena and I decided to work on a song together. It’s funny because that song — Show Me the Moon– is now our second most popular song on Spotify and we wrote it when we were fifteen. From there, the two of us started working on music together and ended up doing our Senior Capstone project together, where we wrote and performed songs about different societal issues. Then the summer after our senior year of high school, we were asked to perform as openers for another great local artist, Kate Callahan. Emily was over during rehearsal and singing along, and a family friend suggested that she sing harmonies with us for the show. From there, Bandshes was born. We decided to perform and record for fun. We recorded “Demo (rough)” (released Aug. 2013) and “Beautiful World” (released March 2014) in the living room of a family friend, using a single microphone and one-shot takes of each song. It wasn’t very professional, and the performances themselves are live and imperfect, but at the time, we had the intention only to put the music online to be listened to family and friends. Then, last summer, one of our songs was found on Bandcamp and we licensed it to be in a low-budget film for a Canadian film festival. The film ended up being bought by Universal Studios, renamed “Unfriended,” and played around the world. The song, “Lost Cities” was heard by more people than we ever imagined would happen. What started as a fun project of friends is now becoming more serious:… Keep Reading

Jak Rabbit 1
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Jak Rabbit

I’ve always expressed myself through singing. It’s been something I’ve done since I was a little girl. When I was about 20 years old I began to feel overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. It was hard for me to explain how I was feeling. But one night I went into my room where I make music from time to time and decided to pick up my guitar and record whatever came out. What happened after that button turned red was one of the most liberating moments of my life. I let go of all of the feelings I was bottling up for so long and turned them into a melodic diary. Then I took those songs and recorded every instrument, edited every line, and harmonized every vocal in order to express my emotions in an understandable way. It taught me that songwriting, for me, is key to letting go of all of the pain and is the best tool to help me understand why I feel the way I feel. You’ll find my music is grounded in my Polish Texan roots. I sing of the Brazos river, talk of hard working women and men, and mention the freedom of nature. At the heart of it, I’m just a young girl from Texas with a voice and a story to tell. What song of yours is the one you like the most? One of my favorite songs that I have written lately has to be “The Wrong Desire” Lyrics: Unwanted illusion to free desire But I’m on fire, I’m on fire You sneak in my bedroom The wrong desire But who can blame you when your heart’s on fire How do you write your music? It depends on the situation. Sometimes I write a song around a set of chords from the piano or guitar. Then there are times I come up with a melody line with words first and then add other instruments. What influences do you have? The experiences I’ve had in my life greatly influence my music. As far as other musicians go I’d have to say:… Keep Reading

Faded Paper Figures - MusicSoundRocks3
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Faded Paper Figures

This is one of the bands that didn’t break up after college… as themselves say. Their music is really soft and warm and when you are listening to them you feel like there is one layer of sound entering as the next one is fading out but can´t actually really remember what is fading out since their voices are also nice and you get this sense of having fun. It´s an honor for me to have this band´s interview here at, please enjoy! – Vladimir Kossma When did the project begin? We got together in 2007, while we were still in college at the University of California, Irvine. What song of yours is the one you like the most? Our favorite new track of ours is “Not the End of the World (Even As We Know It)”. How do you write your music? It is a very collaborative process. We send files back and forth over the Internet. Kael works on the musical/engineering end, and John works mainly on the lyrical/compositional end. What influences do you have? We have many influences, dating back to the 1980s (Depeche Mode, the Smiths, REM), to contemporary bands (Phantogram, St. Vincent, MGMT), and many many more. The best experience you have had with your project. We really enjoy working together, and our last tour was great fun. We really enjoy working together, and our last tour was great fun. What plans do you have this year? We are starting work on a new album. It’s only just begun though, so it won’t be released for a long time yet. Mention the biggest effort you have made for your project… Sleep is the main thing we sacrifice. But it is worth it. What band, music project or solist from your city do you like? In Southern California we really like Pinback because they are brilliant and put on a great live show. …we really like Pinback because they are brilliant and put on a great live show… If your project was a word, what would it be? – Hard to narrow it to a… Keep Reading

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