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Email Marketing for Musicians

Email Marketing is a wonderful and really powerful tool, most of you are visiting because I sent you an email… And before I sent you that email I found it on the web, you may have published it into your Facebook Page, Twiter Profile, WordPress Site, Tumblr Blog or any other page on the Internet, it doesn´t matter how I obtained it, what matters is that most of you are musicians and this is a masterpiece of information for me, a piece of information I am using now to reach your needs and invite you to hear me out. I have prepared a special technique, a strategy that made me spend almost 1 year to develope while working in other projects, but now I am using it with this online magazine and I am ready to teach it to you… I really believe you could be interested in Email Marketing for Musicians… What is Email Marketing for Musicians? It is an special strategy for artists I am prepared to teach you at my Webinar, with it you will learn how to send hundreds of emails weekly (with almost NO COST) for any the next purposes: Grow you audience in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr or WordPress. Share your music with the correct audience. Segmentaded audiences can help you by also sharing your music. Send traffic (visits) to your music site. Promote a specific song or album with magazines. Contact a lot of people of other places. Let´s say you are an English band and you´d like to play live in an specific part of México… yes, I can teach you how to reach hundreds of geo targeted contacts withing just minutes. And many other purposes you´d need to send an email for and continue with your music. Also, something I´d really like to make sure I say is: THIS METHOD IS SO CHEAP you´d believe I am jocking with you, however I am not. Besides, I´d like to ask you a question… Where do you think your music project could be if you were able to send within 80 and 340 emails daily to the… Keep Reading


Preparing 100 Expressions of music, a -must read- article for participants

Hello Guys, this is Vladimir Kossma writing… I just wanted to let you all know about the coming article I am preparing for, it will contain comments and thoughts about what music is, therefore it will be called: “100 Expressions of Music” So these are the instructions for you to participate: Send your opinion about “What music is”… It must be short (No more than 160 characters) and it should be written in behalf of all your band members. Try to answer to this as more interesting as you can, remember readers should be amazed… Add your name at the end of the Opinion. Just write the name of your music project as you´d like to appear next to your opinion. Add a link to your music at BandCamp (code for wordpress). This should be an embed code (I am sorry to ask it like this, but this is a large project and I should save time to write it and edit it). Therefore I will need you to copy the embed code of the track that will be under your Opinion and Name. I will only accept the smallest player embedding code FOR WORDPRESS, this means you must chose the code that links to the smallest player. An example of the code is next: [bandcap width=100% height=42 album=286167964 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=06875] However once I copy and paste it here at the blog you see this:  So, when you are copying the code make sure you see this (click to enlarge):   I am adding an example of how your answer could be: “I believe music is whatever makes people happy while listening to sounds and thinking” – Ramiro Blanco *Remember, this embeded code looks like this when I receive your answer: [bandcap width=100% height=42 album=286167964 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5] So guys, you can take this as an opportunity for you and your music to be shown to the world. I estimate once the article is published it will receive more than 20,000 visits within the next 24 hours and more than 100,000 visits the next week once is published. Try to answer it in a way… Keep Reading

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