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Irán ofrece Concierto de Rock

Actualmente, en Irán ha surgido un interés popular por el rock y se otorgan cada vez más permisos oficiales para ofrecer conciertos y grabaciones, entre ellos, destaca el concierto brindado por un grupo local Piclavier. Piclavier, es una banda formada por cinco jóvenes de Teherán, se han convertido en uno de los primeros grupos en lograr el permiso para tocar en directo su rock, con letras en inglés, con un sonido más semejante al “heavy metal”. Recordemos que para ofrecer un espectáculo en Irán, cualquier artista debe solicitar permiso al Ministerio de Cultura y Guía Islámica, éstos son los encargados de garantizar que se hagan valer los mandatos del régimen. Por tanto, en Irán se conoce como “underground”, toda la música que se realiza sin permiso oficial, y por ello resulta ilegal. A continuación te compartimos la dirección del canal oficial de youtube de esta arriesgada banda: Keep Reading


“100 Expressions of Music” by prepared this special article for all of its readers… We have received and published plenty of interviews, it´s taken a lot of efforts and patience to keep this project growing up, therefore this is a special “thank you” for your acceptance and engagement with us. We have asked to 100 musicians what they believe music is!! So here are their answers and the best of it is that you can also listen to them. Please continue reading and of course… share us!! Have a good reading, honestly, – Vladimir Kossma, Manager at and Contact: Music is the subjective interpretation of sound and silence. – JACK AND THE RIPPER “Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen I believe music is like pure river water that soothes any thirsty emotion. – Mapumba Most people who play music today would be dead inside without it. It comforts when nothing else can. It’s sad that some people don’t know that still. – The Uncommonly Good Music can be fused into many forms and grafted onto other mediums Music is the putty of Artists.One of the crowns of human kind, full of bright sparkling gems .Music is important and music is whatever you need it to be !Music flows alongside and within our lives and may it lead us to a better understanding of each other. – RadioRay “Music is this beautiful intangible something that can transform your mood, your spirit and your life. Walking to a beat just makes you feel alive.” – KASHKA “Don’t make music for people around you. Make music that gives glory to God.” – A.J. Music is the most effective, precise and universal of human languages because it uses no words. – Xo Music is wordless life. – Niño Crudo “Music is how I connect with other people. Searching for someone to feel a bond with, it’s a difficult journey – but worth it when you feel a connection” -Dan Rose “To make music is to know the tube that exists between ears and heart and to have the ability to make the most of it.”… Keep Reading

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