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MaggotHouse has been releasing experimental music from the UK for over 10 years. Most of the artists are side projects of label owner Ben Neal and include his own work as techno artist Phluxm, post-hardcore metal from Jazz Thrash Assassin and Meatfeast, electronica from Octopod, and comedy from Bazooka Chicken and Polly Daniel Son. Many of the artists are old friends. What song of yours is the one you like the most? I think Meatfeast’s “A Void can Be Willed” was one of the best recordings we ever made – it’s one of the few that really fulfilled the crazy vision we had for the song, which is sometimes difficult to do when you don’t have a large budget. “A Void Can Be Willed” by Meatfeast Somebody please put me down Where’s somewhere I can sign up? I would just bury myself… But the dogs might dig me up I’ll drown myself in a bowl And prob’ly fail to drown “Back to work slave! Back to work!” Lets go run naked through grass, (A passive way to get lashed) Cut off our hands and our feet Then go and swim at the pool… I’ll drown myself in a bowl And prob’ly fail to drown “Back to work slave! Back to work!” Lie still… lie still… If maybe you tried hard enough, A void can be willed “Get up! You silly wet bitch!” I’m busy burning your stuff My stuff was not enough… I’ll sit here screaming your name To tell you “I’m OK”! I’ll drown myself my a bowl And prob’ly fail to drown “Back to work slave! Back to work!” What is the problem with you? Your sick is in my sandwich! I’d rather be on my own, To drown myself in my bowl I lay awake last night And learnt how not to fight “Back to work slave! Back to work!” Lie still… lie still… If maybe I tried hard enough, A void can be willed Stop… No Won’t! How do you write your music? MaggotHouse is all about capturing moments of madness and crafting extraordinary sounds. Often… Keep Reading


Ramiro Blanco´s tips for playing live with electric guitars

Hello my name is Ramiro Blanco. I am a guitar player from Argentina. I’ve playing guitar for over 16 and I have released my first solo record on February 2015 name ‘Corners where we are mad’. I’d like to share my thoughts on the current use of guitar amplifiers and guitar tone. I am going to share my personal point of view. This means that what I’ll say is not necessarily the right way to do it, but rather that there is no one right except the one that sounds good to your ears. 100 watts heads and why they are useless We’ve all seen the wall of Marshall of Yngwie Malmsteen or many other players with many many stacks behind them. Yes, they look awesome and powerful but reality is that either only a few of those heads/cabinets are producing any sound (or all of them are just props) or they are just a waste of power. Every electric guitar player has heard a phrase similar to this: “Tube amplifiers sound better.” I happen to agree with this, but that doesn’t mean that every guitar player will sound good through a tube amp. The reason is actually simple, it is very likely that most players will never get the most out of their amplifiers because they’ll never drive the tubes into saturation and there’s where the real juice is. But to do that… You need to crank the volume up. This is rather impossible to do with a 100 or 50 watt heads if don’t want to pierce your ear drums, nor to get the neighbors to call the police, nor get the sound guy to kill you. I’ve been playing through 15 watts tube heads for a couple of years and let me tell you, 15 watts is a lot (A LOT). Yet I am able to crank it up much more easily. What must be understood is that 100 watts amplifiers come from a time when there was no P.A.(Power amplification). Back then the actual amplifiers would feed the audience. In such situation it would make sense… Keep Reading

English/United Kingdom


How did the project begin? – I’ve been recording myself solo since around 2004. I decided to start calling my solo work UMLOMO in early 2013. I’ve never performed any of this stuff live. I’ve done this all while being in other bands. What song of yours is the one you like the most? – The song #60 seems to be a popular one. . I also enjoy my piano improvisations, which you’ll find on the Soundcloud page too. #60 (Lyrics). Get up, get your feet on the ground That’s how it has to start But you can’t, and the pain weighs too much So you lie and bury your face in the dark. You know what you’ve got everyone has got We’re all waiting, we survive We slowly fall apart but Get up fix a smile on your face Ignore all the endings Even though we all end up the same Connect and give her the secrets of your heart Let go and let him know he’s the only one you’ll ever love Hold on to whatever vague belief Keeps you from feeling the passage of time Time racing to stop your heart Pretend pretend pretend my friend Anything to keep living As if your life will never end There’s no hope for more to come This here is all there is What your eyes can see What your hands can touch I’ve found the things that give me peace That’s what I’m chasing before the circuits die in me Beauty and light… How do you write your music? – I write without a plan. Almost all of it is improvised. I am constantly writing words and lyrics, you’ll find a lot of it on my website . I improvise both the music and the lyrics, that’s the basic idea behind UMLOMO. The other bands I’m in are more structured and formal. UMLOMO is about constant thinking and letting things flow out in the moment. What influences do you have? – Musically I am drawn to everything. Late 80s/Early 90s American music is where I’ve found a lot of bands I… Keep Reading


Shintaro Aoki

When did the project begin? – I begin my musical project 23 years old What song of yours is the one you like the most? How do you write your music? – I play piano or keybord freely, I get magical melody from Macrocosm every time. What influences do you have? -My great influence is from Yoko Kanno. What´s the craziest experience you have had with your project? -there are no crazy project for me. all too much experience is “normal”. What plans do you have next? -composing for the earth, for all. Mention something you don´t like about your project. -No problem,any feeling is OK. So I say “thank you… you dont like my track”. Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project. -I have not deed any sacrifice for all composition. What band, music project or solist from your city do you like? -I dont know other music project from my city. If your project was a car, what model would it be? -Hybrid Car. (because the listners enjoy so many feelings and genres from my tracks. I compose all genres as composer)   – Shintaro Aoki, in Saitama City, Japan. Keep Reading

Silver Morning

Silver Morning

How do you write your music? Since my childhood I liked music. When I was a kid I just noticed it around. At age of 10 I began to buy my first CDs, at age 14 I began to look on the Internet to the artists that I heard when I was a kid. At the same age I started playing the guitar. At 16-17 I started creating my own simple things – chord progressions that I liked, some melodies. Suddenly at 19 I started writing songs. Without a reason. I just felt that ‘now I can, now I know enough to do it’. That’s how it started. What song of yours is the one you like the most? I like all of them, actually. But if you ask for the one. It’s ‘Close’. An instrumental song I wrote in 2012. The most beautiful one. It has everything I thought of and felt back then. That is why it’s my favorite. How do you write your music? I usually play around with my guitar, or Garage Band/Logic Pro. Then I find some interesting short musical combination and revisit it until I have something. Usually this something forms a basis for the song. After that I add things until I feel it’s complete. The last thing is to write lyrics, which usually takes around two weeks for me. I usually play around with my guitar, or Garage Band/Logic Pro. Then I find some interesting short musical combination and revisit it until I have something. What influences do you have? The influences are quite broad. Though the core are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Killers, Nujabes, Pearl Jam, Red hot Chili Peppers. What´s the best experience you have had with your project? Finishing a song. Every time. When it’s done and you hear it for the first time – the final version, it’s always the best part. What plans do you have this year? To keep making music. If someone listens to it too, that’s great. If I’m the only one who likes it, that’s good too. Mention something you don´t like… Keep Reading

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