Best Adventures of Musicians – Announcement

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Hello there,

Thank you for reading the comment I left to you on YouTube.


If you are reading this post is because I invited you to participate within our next article called “Best Adventures of Musician´s“.

So… what is going on?

Our Music Blog is preparing a new article called “Best Adventures of Musician´s” and we are looking for Musicians or Music Producers like you to help us out.

All you need to do is send us an email answering the next question:

What is the best adventure you have had with your music?

You need to attach the following:

  1. An image about your Band, yourself, your studio, or anything related to your answer… medium size please.
  2. A link for us to include within our post: Bandcamp, Youtube Video or SoundCloud, only one link is accepted per answer. This link will be embedded so readers can also hear your music.
  3. City and Country.

Our email is

We will publish all of the answers. So please try to be unique and authentic, remember there will be plenty of answers (between 100 – 200) and you need to write the best answer to call the attention of our readers, also attach the best image you can.

If you want to see examples about our articles you can take a look to the following links:

  1. 100 Expressions of Music
  2. World´s Projects that ROCKS!!

So this is it, thanks for reading our proposal.

Please, do me a favor: if YouTube marked my message as spam then UNMARK it… that would really help us.


Keep it up!

– Vladimir Kossma


Would you like to donate to our magazine?

If so… our PayPal is

: )


Also, last week I played live one of the songs I am writing, you can see it here (in spanish)


-Vladimir Kossma

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